Let Them Eat Meat
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Ruth Eisenbud
October 2010

56 Billion animals a year are killed in the USA as food, allegedly in the name of necessity. The cruelty of the Semitic religions with regard to food is most apparent during the holy days of the semitic religions. Christmas becomes a time of frenzied killing, as no animal is spared for the preparation of sumptuous feasts which include meat from all of the following living beings and many more not mentioned: cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, geese, chickens, quail, fish...not even Rudolph is safe, as reindeer meat too is offered up in celebration. The sacred Passover Seder revolves around a plate of ritual items including a lamb shank to mark the slaying of a sheep whose blood was used to note those worthy of exclusion from a plague inflicted on innocent children. The end of Ramadan is marked with the sacrifice of innocent masses of animals, ranging from goats, cows and sheep to camels. Despite fetishes of which animals are considered clean for human consumption, the toll on animals brutally killed for sacred rituals and celebrations is enormous.

Pastor Tim Lucas of Liquid Church, Morristown NJ held a fund-raiser on September 11, 2009 where pulled pork was served to more than a 1,000

Whole Pig Roast at a Church Barbeque

The most horrific of human genocides never resulted in the mass consumption of the victims flesh. So much righteous abuse.

The daily sustained slaughter of animals for their flesh as sanctioned by the Semitic religions, though less dramatic than that done for religious celebration, is relentless in its volume and the pain it inflicts on multitudes of living beings. Church fund raising barbeques, organized hunts, sabbath dinners are routine and ordinary events. Such is the nature of compassion in dominion based religions that even those individuals of groups that have been victims of religiously sanctioned violence, see similar actions directed at animals as ordinary, acceptable and an evil to be tolerated. In fact, according to biblical doctrine, it is possible to indulge in this carnage and still be righteous.

'Necessity': fur hats worn by Ultra Orthodox Jews in the desert climate of Israel


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