Spectacular National Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs - Los Angeles
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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN)
June 2011

Wow! What a spectacular National Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs, with funeral procession we had on Sunday May 29th. We took our message of anti-animal experiments to the infamous 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica CA during one of the busiest weekends and boy they hadn't seen anything like us before!

mourning lab anmals

The feedback from the general public was extremely positive with lots of thumbs ups and "thank you's for doing this!"

It was an extremely powerful experience to march funeral style with a procession of activists dressed fully in black, with veils and carrying a coffin to represent all the human & animal deaths that vivisection has caused down one of LA's busiest shopping streets. So many people were stopped in their tracks, took fliers and photos.

I can't thank all who participated enough especially Katia who is the most amazingly dedicated, creative activist and Christine without whom none of this would be possible. Yesterdays experience reinforced in me that we can turn the tide of animal experiments and with the right public events garner more public support every time. Billboards be damned ProTest for Stupidity! [Ed. Note: Pro-Test is a name of several groups in the UK and the US who are vivisectors and vivisection supporters who are in favor of continuing to torment animals in laboratories.]

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