Monkey Who Bit Oneida Castle Woman Euthanized
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November 2010

The Oneida County Health Department has confirmed that a pet monkey that escaped its owner and bit an Oneida Castle woman was euthanized on Wednesday, 11/10/10.

Under New York State law, any time an animal that is not a dog, cat, ferret or livestock attacks a person, it must be immediately tested for rabies. In order to check the animal, examiners need brain tissue, which can only be obtained after euthanization.

Typical pets and livestock are allowed to be quarantined and observed for six months to see if they exhibit signs of rabies.

The health department anticipates receiving the results of the rabies test on Friday.

The monkey, named Jada, attacked Oneida Castle resident Amy Fedchenko, who was playing with her son in their backyard. When the monkey bit Fedchenko's finger, she punctured the skin.

Robert Jones had a license to own the $6,000 capuchin monkey and he had a copy of its rabies vaccination certificate.

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