Fair Oaks Farm's Pig Adventure Glorifies Factory Farming
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From In Defense of Animals (IDA)
August 2013

They are attempting to make the horrors of factory farming "fun" for the whole family.

Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana, is the largest agritourism facility in the United States. They are attempting to make the horrors of factory farming "fun" for the whole family. The Pig Adventure tour begins with pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant sows being fed by machine, then moves to the birthing barn, where sows in gestation crates are either in labor or have recently given birth.

There are 2,750 pigs at any given time at Pig Adventure, with as many as 250 piglets born every day. That’s about 80,000 pigs every year sold to farmers in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

These horrors of factory farming should not be celebrated, they should be condemned.

  • Extreme confinement in gestation crates
  • Repeated artificial insemination of sows, forcing them into a continuous cycle of pregnancies
  • Babies taken away from their mothers after an extremely short period of nursing
  • Castration and teeth-cutting of piglets with no pain killers, routine practice in pig farming hidden from public view
  • The actual slaughter of pigs - electrocution to render them unconscious, hanging them upside down and slashing their throats, which also remains hidden from public view.

Fair Oaks Farms began its sadistic twist on "family fun" with Dairy Adventure and plans to add more "attractions" within the next ten years including more cows, chickens, and fish. Please take a moment to post a message on Fair Oaks Farms' Facebook page.

Animals are not objects. They are sentient beings capable of feeling fear, sadness, and pain. Their lives and deaths do not constitute an "amusement park."

From Free From Harm

On August 5, 2013, Fair Oaks Farms celebrated the Grand Opening of “Pig Adventure,” a breeding facility where approximately 2,700 sows are confined and artificially inseminated to produce nearly 80,000 pigs for slaughter each year. Pig Adventure joins the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure, a 36,000 dairy cow operation that has, since 2004, doubled as an “Agricultural Disney”; on daily tours, visitors can watch calves being born, cows being milked on giant mechanized carousels, and cheese being made, among many other dairy-themed spectacles. And now, with help from major agribusiness backers (including the National Pork Board and Indiana Pork), visitors can also oooh and ahh at the more than 200 piglets born daily, then head over to the farm’s full restaurant for a Bacon and Swiss Grilled Cheese.

pig adventure glorify factory farming
For more images of the "tour" itself, visit Free From Harm

As I’ve written elsewhere, you could almost be fooled into thinking that Fair Oaks is some kind of Pig Appreciation and Protection Society: from the tour buses plastered with images of smiling, adorable pink piglets, to the exuberant animated pig who narrates Pig Adventure’s website, to the reverential description of Pig Adventure’s breeding and confinement operation as “The Miracle of Life Project.” The founders of this facility say it’s designed “to highlight the treatment and well being of pigs” and to demonstrate that “pork production is morally right, a noble profession and a service to humanity.” I decided to visit and see for myself. Get a glimpse of what I saw by viewing the photo gallery below, and the brief video here. (Please note: as far as we know, Fair Oaks Farms has no ties with Disneyland or Disney corporation.)  

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