Federal Prairie Dog Conservation Report Remains Grim
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Wild Earth Guardians
February 2015

prairie dogs

WildEarth Guardians released their seventh annual Report from the Burrow to coincide with Prairie Dog Day [February 2] and the grades given to federal and state agencies on the success of managing prairie dog populations remain poor. 

The report reveals that “while a few states and federal agencies are improving their prairie dog conservation efforts—the generally deplorable status quo, where these intelligent, ecologically important animals are treated as pests and widely poisoned, gassed and shot—remains largely unchanged.”

prairie dogs

Grades range from a B shared by the National Park Service and the state of Arizona to an F given to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Read entire 42-page PDF - Report from the Burrow: Forecast of the Prairie Dog 2015.

For wonderful images of prairie dogs, visit Animals in the Wild, Jim Robertson's wildlife photography.

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