200 Buffalo and 70 Calves, Out of Prison....For Now
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Buffalo Field Campaign
May 2011

[Ed. Note: From Buffalo Field Campaign's website: Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that affects livestock and wildlife, sometimes causing cattle to abort their first calf post-infection. While abortions have been documented in wild buffalo, such incidents are rare, and the impact of the disease on Yellowstone buffalo and elk is insignificant. Brucellosis, which originated in European livestock, was first detected in Yellowstone's buffalo in 1917 after some buffalo were fed milk from infected cows. FACT: There has never been a documented case of a wild, free-roaming buffalo infecting domestic cattle with brucellosis.]

[Ed. Note: Please continue to take action: Stop the Buffalo Slaughter.]

Thanks to your continued persistence, and the greening of the earth, Yellowstone has finally begun to release buffalo from the Stephens Creek trap. Approximately 200 buffalo, including nearly seventy calves born in captivity, are now out of prison. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, all of the buffalo held in the trap will be released.


This year marks the first time in BFC history that we have stopped the slaughter! The combined efforts of our unique field patrols that witness and document, our incredible legal counsel, our presence in Washington, D.C., and you, faithful friend of the buffalo who raised your voice so loud: together we ensured that more than 800 wild buffalo will walk away from the Stephens Creek trap.

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