The Reality Behind Modern Egg Production
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June 2012 

[Ed. Note: For more information, see Tell Congress to STOP the Rotten Egg Bill.]

A video produced by an HSUS undercover investigation is making the rounds on the internet. It was conducted in February and March of 2012 at a Manheim, Pa., egg factory owned by Kreider Farms. Of the nation’s 280 million egg-laying hens, Kreider cages approximately 7 million at its four Pennsylvania facilities, located in Manheim, Mt. Joy, Middleton, and Lebanon. Pennsylvania is the nation’s third largest egg-producing state.

If you want to help hens, don’t purchase eggs and don’t support campaigns like the proposed battery cage ban (H.R. 3798, the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2012), that will doom birds to cages for decades to come with no opportunities to change the laws. Birds do not belong in cages… period. If you want to help, share the video and educate others why we should not be buying eggs and allowing birds to be exploited for their eggs.

Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, summarizes well why we should not support the alleged battery cage ban for egg laying hens in the following:

It is incorrect to say that the proposed federal legislation would eliminate battery cages. Batteries consist of rows and tiers of identical units; in this case the units are cages. The proposed legislation will enshrine battery cages, not eliminate them. Egg-laying hens will be locked inside windowless buildings, crammed in cages stacked from the floor and lined up in long rows, just as they are now. Tiny furnishings, including plastic strips, falsely called “nests,” are being prettified as “colonies” and “enrichments.” This vocabulary makes people feel good, but it is bad for birds whose legs and wings are designed to run, walk, perch and be physically active, not rot in cages.

After decades of humane efforts in the US and Europe to get hens out of cages, a law that ensures they’ll never get out is being hailed as a victory for hens and “animal rights.” But it isn’t. If people knew the truth of the egg industry and how hens are actually treated behind the scenes, they would be sickened. We do not need to eat their eggs to be healthy.

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