Short Respite from Hazing for Bison
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Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC)
July 2014

bison calf
A bison calf rockets out of the way of two sparring bulls.
Photo by Sandy Sisti, a highly talented photographer featured in BFC's 2015 Wild Bison Calendar.

America's last wild buffalo are currently enjoying a respite from abuse by government hazers. Family groups, solitary bulls and bull groups are getting together in bigger herds as the season of the bison rut begins to approach. Yellowstone's Hayden and Lamar Valleys will soon roar with the intense bellowing of massive bulls, who make a fantastic display of their awesome power as they challenge each other to determine who will win the right to ask favor from females. A male must prove that he is worthy, for she will not take just any interested bull. As summer flows, most bison calves are starting to turn from their reddish-orange baby color to the chocolately brown and black they will don for the rest of their lives.

While Yellowstone is not ideal habitat for plains bison, high summer in Yellowstone Country is an easy time, a time to enjoy the good life. A time of plenty, and a time of peace; a time for reuniting, and a time to ensure that the buffalo nation will carry on. It is a time when wild buffalo can be buffalo without much threat of human interference or government plans.

During these quieter times, BFC focuses on outreach, sharing the stories that we have lived with the buffalo, sharing their current plight and empowering people to take action on their behalf. Summer volunteers are working every day to talk with visitors to Yellowstone National Park, tabling at festivals and farmer's markets, and very soon we will announce our West Coast Road Show schedule.

We hope to see you along the way! You can also participate in this important outreach by requesting a stack of our newsletters to help spread the word. Visit our website for details on the many ways you can assist.

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