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Finding Sanctuary
April 2017

Rose now lives happily at North Mountain Animal Sanctuary...

rescued hen rose

Born in a battery hen barn in Spring 2015, Rose was rescued from a battery cage and saved from what would have been a short, painful life.

Like so many other hens, Rose, a Leghorn hen, was confined to a battery cage in a large barn. Although this would normally result in a tragic end to a short life (being ground live at just 17 months old), we were able to rescue her and give her the opportunity to experience a normal life.

After her rescue, Rose made a successful recovery and is living the life we wish for every hen. This includes free interaction with other birds, protection from the elements, and the ability to perch, roost and take dust baths.

Due to genetic modification, battery hens lay more and larger eggs than they would naturally. This puts undue stress on their reproductive systems and makes them prone to reproductive cancers. They also have no immunity to illness, as their natural immunity is suppressed with antibiotics.

President and Clinical Herbalist Amanda provides hens at North Mountain Animal Sanctuary with long-term, herbal tonics to support reproductive health and boost immunity.

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