A Further Look at Sanitized Violence
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


C. Sparkie
January 1999

Slaughtering animals for human consumption under the guise, "it is necessary", is a rationalization to condone an aspect of man's fallen nature. Because animals cannot defend themselves, and every man is fallen, it is only logical animals be repressed and oppressed by the Beast of Man. Exorcising the myth that animals are human's victims is a monumental task. Billions of humans enjoy animal flesh. It is a monumental task because billions of humans are selfish and don't care. They would not eat the animal to begin with unless selfish or brainwashed. Many humans are brainwashed from birth by the meat industry and culture. Slaughter and consumption of animals by massive human populations, I have learned, is a pervertedly selfish act.

Men make sure houses of pain and death for their next dinner are far removed from all the hateful Happy Meals and bilious Big Mac's; as the flaccid squat in fancy restaurants where their flesh is ultimately eaten. They pay the bad guys to off the innocent victims because they can't. Maybe there is hope then, if they perceive the tragedy.

Why do human populations prefer to detach themselves far from the cries of the wonderful slaughterhouse? Why do people prefer not to know, not to think about the atrocity prior to the popular burger? Maybe it might upset their tummies. This is where we can establish some balance to bridge that gap that exists in the minds of men. What about the tummy of the animal they just consumed that suffered it's entire life so they could enjoy five minutes of satisfaction because of their lust for flesh? Mankind has learned to be disgustingly selfish and voracious toward the animal kingdom.

Because it would be inappropriate for men to eat each other, they resort to animal flesh. If I may quote Shaw, "Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity." It is time to change custom into compassion. To wake the Sleeping Hearts. What say ye?

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