It's Time for Social Justice Advocates to Stop Bashing the Animal Rights Movement and Start Embracing It
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FROM Abhijit XVX,
March 2018

So, dear speciesist social advocates reading this, it's time to wake the hell up and recognize nonhuman rights as an important social justice issue. Let us break the chains that keep us collectively oppressed, regardless of the arbitrary moral (and political) distinction of species.

I know why they do it so much - it's easier to mock the suffering of a marginalized group than acknowledge our own privilege. It's something that the radical left completely understands about other oppressed groups but chooses to ignore when it comes to nonhuman animals because, in this case, leftists are the ones doing the oppressing. But seriously, this shit needs to stop right now.

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I came across this comment by a radical social justice advocate just yesterday. When confronted with nonhuman abuse, SJAs seem to lose all sense of justice and compassion.

Shifting Focus to Vegans

Vegans are flawed - sometimes exceptionally flawed - humans. We make mistakes like the rest of our species does. Some of us are incredibly shitty people, like so many SJAs love pointing out. SJAs believe that the general shittiness of vegans somehow exempts them from taking responsibility for the oppression they contribute to.

I simply fail to understand SJAs who claim to not be vegan because of all the shitty vegans. I mean, have you looked at the nonvegans around? The most destructively evil humans to have ever existed - everyone from Trump to Hitler - have been nonvegan. If the behavior of certain vegans turns you off veganism, why doesn't the behavior of nonvegans like Donald Trump turn you off nonveganism? And why doesn't the exceptional activism of vegans and animal rights activists like Coretta Scott King, Cesar Chavez, or Angela Davis attract you towards veganism?

Veganism and the animals rights movement have never been about vegans; they have always been about the victims of speciesism - nonhuman animals. Vegans are at most only allies to nonhumans. The validity of nonhumans' marginalization, oppression, and suffering should not depend on the flaws of their allies.

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