Judge Grants TRO to Stop Sale of Wild Horses At NV Slaughter Auction
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From American Wild Horse Preservation Preservation
August 17, 2013

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AWHPC News Releases

Reno, Nevada (August 16, 2013)

 A federal court judge in Reno, NV has granted a coalition of wild horse advocacy and conservation groups a Temporary Restraining Order to block the sale of unbranded horses at a slaughter auction tomorrow in Fallon, Nevada. The groups sued to stop the sale of unbranded horses who were captured last weekend on public and tribal lands in northern Nevada, alleging that unbranded horses were likely federally-protected wild horses originating from the nearby Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Little Owyhee Herd Management Area.

Late yesterday evening a federal court judge in Nevada issued an order to block the sale of all unbranded horses at the Fallon Slaughter Auction today.

The ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed by AWHPC and others. Sadly, an undetermined number of branded horses "owned" by the tribe that rounded them up will still be sold at the auction. Unfortunately, no law protects these horses. Their terrible fate highlights the need to pass U.S. legislation to ban the cruel practice of horse slaughter once and for all. AWHPC is on hand at the auction today to ensure that the no wild horses are sold to the kill buyers, whose trucks will soon be lining up outside the auction.

We can already tell you that the Temporary Restraining Order has been delivered, that we've been asked to leave the property, and that the auction owner is sorting branded from unbranded horses as we write this.

Thank you for your support that has allowed us to file this litigation, and for making your voice heard yesterday to the highest levels of our government.

 We will keep you updated on this fast-breaking situation.

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