Supreme Court says it's ok to eat downers
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John Himmelberger, This Dish Is Veg
January 2012

[Ed. Note: And read ALL Downers Deserve Better.]

These animals are at risk for diseases that contaminate the food supply.

California's law requiring the euthanization of downers has been overturned unanimously by the Supreme Court. The law was enacted to keep these sick animals out of the food supply while providing a compassionate death and alleviate additional cruelty to these animals that cannot walk on their own.

Downed animals have been dragged, moved by forklifts, and abused to get them to the slaughter floor. These animals are at risk for diseases that contaminate the food supply. The Calif. law required these animals to be removed from the food supply and euthanized immediately.

Recently the National Meat Association challenged the California law demanding that these animals be slaughtered for food production, even though they admit 3 percent of pigs are unable to walk when they are taken to slaughter.

The Supreme Court has sided with the National Meat Association.

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