Santa Cruz chicken hatchery sued for animal abuse
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By John Himmelberger on This Dish Is Veg
January 2012

[See VICTORY update June 2012: Santa Cruz Hatchery Shutdown after Unprecedented Settlement Reached in Cruelty Case.]

[Watch Chicks Ground Up Alive and/or Eggs.]

The all too common story of abuse at animal processing plants has risen its ugly head again. This time Cal-Cruz Hatcheries is being sued by Compassion Over Killing (COK) with representation from lawyers from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

Undercover video taken by a COK investigator reveals footage of newly hatched chicks being abused. The lawsuit states that the video documents routine abuses at the facility. The abuses, considered felony animal cruelty, are in violation of California law.

Some of the documented abuses are:

  • Dead hatchlings and their body parts, and mutilated but still living hatchlings, trapped in and under processing machinery.
  • Hatchlings with ripped or missing skin, exposed organs, and severely injured feet and legs left in bins for several hours at a time, where they gasped, shook, and struggled to move.
  • Baby birds cruelly tossed in a bucket of liquid waste where they struggled to escape before drowning.
  • Hatchlings tossed like garbage into bins and then forced down a clogged disposal chute with a pole and hose.

COK turned over the documented video to law enforcement and a follow-up investigation by law enforcement resulted in the rescue of 88 hatchlings. We will wait to see how this lawsuit turns out. In the meantime, to have your voice heard, you can avoid products from Cal-Cruz Hatcheries.

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