Hundreds of sheep die on broken down Kuwaiti ship stranded in Australian port
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August 2011

[NOTE: Got wool? Read Live Animal Export for an extensive view of the horrors endured by sheep who are transported thousands of miles by ship to be slaughtered in the Middle East...after having lived horrific lives to produce "wool." And read Live and Let Die: Our Animalsí Painful Plight.]

Hundreds of sheep aboard a broken 31-year-old Kuwaiti ship, Al Messilah, are believed to have died as they waited to be temporarily unloaded at Port Adelaide, Australia, and sent to feedlots. Next week, the 67,000 sheep will be transferred to Qatar.

live export

Sheep urine leaked through the floor and damaged electric conductors in the engine room, causing the ship to break down.

The Al Messilah had been investigated previously at least three times for high sheep mortality rates and inability to process effluent (liquid waste).

Up to 100 people protested, calling for the sheep to be processed in Australia and for an end to live animal exports.

This image was taken many years ago and the brutality continues to this day.

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