Undercover Investigations Help Protect Farmed Animals
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Jennifer Molidor, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
March 2015

Undercover investigations at factory farms are central to building cases against animal abusers and those who profit from the exploitation of animals. Evidence obtained from undercover investigations has been used by prosecutors and law enforcement and led to criminal prosecutions. Investigations have also led to massive food recalls after food safety violations were documented. And in other cases, investigations have inspired the passage of humane laws.

Meet T.J. Tumasse, ALDF’s manager of investigations for our brand new investigations unit. For years, T.J. did what most people couldn’t stomach for a day or even an hour—he went undercover on factory farms and slaughterhouses to gather evidence of illegal animal cruelty, and helped secure a felony animal cruelty conviction for an animal abuser.

T.J. speaks about the importance of exposing the systematic, inherent everyday realities of abuse on factory farms... watch video here [not graphic...].

As T.J. knows, animal abuse on factory farms doesn’t come down to a few bad apples—though the industry would like us to believe that. The abuse of animals on factory farms is standard industry practice; that’s why they want to keep it secret, and that’s why we need undercover investigators. We won’t let these abusers break the law and shut the public out.

Here’s how you can take action for farmed animals during Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week:

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  • Want more info on how to go veg? Check out ALDF’s Cruelty-Free Resource Guide. 

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