Richmond CA City Council Bans Live Chicken Sales
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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
September 2011

For two years, the San Francisco activist group LGBT Compassion led a vigorous campaign to ban live poultry sales in the cityís Civic Center Farmers Market.

On May 27, 2011, they won!

The group next turned its attention to the Richmond CA farmers market, the last known Bay Area farmers market to continue selling live birds. Joined by In Defense of Animals, the activists have been holding weekly protest demonstrations and documenting the horrific cruelty to which chickens are subjected by the vendors, who stuff them crying in grocery bags for customers to purchase, take away, and kill.

Blitzed with complaints, the Richmond City Council held a special meeting September 27 to decide the future of chicken sales in Richmond. There IS NO FUTURE! The City Council voted to ban live chicken sales effective November 1, 2011. The city attorney agreed with LGBT Compassionís position that a new California law effective January 1, 2012, prohibiting live animal sales in public places, does not exclude poultry. This will allow activists to attack live poultry markets elsewhere in the state.

Last nightís city council meeting was a tremendous success, said Andrew Zollman of LGBT Compassion and Hope Bohanec of IDA. 19 animal activists attended the meeting and made public statements supporting the ban on live poultry sales in Richmond.

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