Teaching Veterinarians Animal Welfare In Latin America
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November 2018

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There is still much room for improvement in Latin American veterinary teaching. University instruction needs to remain practical and useful as it moves forward.

injured dog
Photo by Ivan Rojas Urrea on Unsplash

Concern about animal welfare is rising around the world, and the rise has implications that are broad and far-reaching. In Latin America, researchers have been studying and publishing on animal welfare issues at an increasing rate: by some estimates, five times as many papers on animal welfare have been published in Latin American journals in the last decade than the one previous.

Veterinarians in particular are interested in animal welfare as a topic, and with good reason. Whether a vet deals with companion animals, wild animals, or farmed animals, they are often seen by the rest of society as experts on animal welfare, and ensuring they have a competence in animal welfare issues is crucial.

This paper, a review of literature, looks at the current drivers of change in teaching animal welfare in Latin America, the standards that exist for teaching animal welfare, and how advances could be made using project based learning and gamification.

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