Let the Christmas Trees Live and Grow
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December 2006

Extending Our Love to All Beings on Our Magnificent Planet

Christmas. The season of beauty, of love, of peace, and of hope for a better tomorrow. Let us celebrate this noble event with love for all sentient and non-sentient beings on our magnificent planet. Let the living Christmas trees grow high upward to carry their thanks to Heaven. Let the living animals and feathered friends sing their praises to the Creator. Let us celebrate the birth of Christ by appreciating and protecting lives: for His birth means life. Let us live and let live.

In this spirit, we will conserve lives. There are alternative ways to celebrate Christmas. For example, we can:

  • Decorate with artificial trees, which can be re-used for years to come; or use potted trees so they can be re-planted afterward.
  • Have a scrumptious vegetarian or vegan meal on Christmas.

Save the environment with compassion. Go green, be veggie!

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