Amphibious Things that I Love
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Dr. Kerry Kriger, Save the Frogs!
February 2016

Amplexing frogs
Amplexing frogs in Ecuador. Our SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour is nearly full. If you want to join us this June, you should contact SAVE the FROGS immediately.

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for being a frog-loving SAVE THE FROGS! supporter. Here are some amphibious things that I love:

  • I love seeing kids taking action for the environment.
  • I love getting laws in place to protect frogs.
  • I love hearing from teachers who use our free educational materials in their classroom.
  • I love when university graduates tell me they found a job working with amphibians.
  • I love getting emails from students who tell me they want to become amphibian biologists.
  • I love listening to frogs call at a pond under the moonlight.
  • I love when landowners tell me there are endangered frogs living at the wetland we helped them build.
  • I love having a job that benefits the planet.
  • I love having an organization that can actually pay employees to spend 10,000+ hours per year saving amphibians.
  • I love causing problems for the people who aim to exploit and destroy the planet and its wildlife and wild spaces.
  • I love taking photos of frogs in their native habitats.
  • I love having volunteers all around the world.
  • I love seeing email notifications telling me that some generous frog lover just donated to SAVE THE FROGS!, as that means there is one more frog saving activity we can implement, one day longer we will be here, one more campaign we can run, one more person we can educate, one more frog we can save.

save frogs

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