Update on “Turning Copenhagen into CopenVegan”
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Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., Veg Climate Alliance
December 2009

“Vegetarianism: Essential to Save the Planet?”

With the Copenhagen climate conference scheduled to take place from December 7–18 (2009), it is more important than ever that the delegates issue a final statement that declares that it is urgent that there be a major societal shift to plant-based diets to avoid an unprecedented global climate catastrophe.

I have been working as director of Veg Climate Alliance with some amazingly dedicated people from many countries in efforts to “turn Copenhagen into CopenVegan. Among other things, we have taken out a full page ad proclaiming that there is a “Convenient Truth,” that can help reverse global warming. We will also be distributing many flyers with our basic messages.

We are also planning a major forum on Sunday, December 13 on “Vegetarianism: Essential to Save the Planet?”

For more information, and to see our ad and flyer and some of my related writings, please visit Veg Climate Alliance.

As of now, for a number of reasons, including my feeling that I might be more helpful through email messages, writing articles and press releases and helping with strategy ideas, it looks like I will not be going to Copenhagen. But I am spending many hours daily planning events there.

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