Stop Horse Drawn CarriagesPlease do not fall for the spin: NYC Carriage Horses will still be in chaotic, dangerous traffic
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FROM Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
March 2019

Even though the hack lines are located in Central Park, carriages will still go back and forth to their stables through chaotic and dangerous city traffic.

As of Friday, March 1st, the three new hack lines were in operation. They are just inside the park off the original hack line on Central Park South. They are not only visible from the street, but workers hired by the carriage businesses will continue to sell rides on the sidewalks.

You have heard and possibly believed NYClass when they said the horses are away from the "chaotic" traffic of the original hack line. But did you realize that the carriages will still go back and forth to their stables through "chaotic" traffic.

Carriages now work most of the day in Central Park. There is nothing new about this. They will still access the hack lines by making an illegal U-turn on Central Park SouthŚnothing new about this. And after a certain time, the drivers can leave the park area and go into other parts of the city. Nothing new about this either. And did you realize that most accidents do not occur on the hack lineŚcheck out our documentation on our blog. Click here.

The Coalition is staying away until the ruckus is over and the media is gone. At that time, we will visit the hack lines and weigh in and make our own honest assessment. Please remember, we are not competing for donations or favors from the Mayor. We do this for free, we deal in facts and we tell the truth.

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