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Jim Robertson, Exposing the Big Game / Animals in the Wild
May 2014

Iíve been told that Iím not helping anything by being vegan; that I wasnít going to be able to stop all the horrible things going on by taking a stand against animal consumption.

animal activist veganismThatís a depressing thought, especially if youíre aware of the current holocaust happening all around us. Humans are slaughtering 6 million animals per hour. 20,000 more will die in the time it takes you to read these sentences! Thatís a holocaust of farmed animals every 60 minutes. And thatís not counting fish, lobsters, shrimp, oysters, clams, krill or other sea life. But Iím not fooling myself, I know it would take a concerted, allied effort to stop these atrocities. (Image from Circles of Compassion)

Even if I never saw positive results from promoting veganism in my short lifetime, there are other reasons for not eating animals. For me, veganism is about choosing not to add to the suffering our fellow Earthlings endure every day for the human appetite; itís a form of dissent against the extreme cruelty millions of animals undergo so humans can have their steak and eat it too.

Veganism is my protest against the insanity of factory farming; against the existence of battery cages, cattle feedlots, industrialized dairies, veal crates, hog farming, commercial fishing, whaling, sealing, fur trapping, bow hunting, predator control, contest hunts, culling, derby killing and every other form of exploitation our species inflicts on the non-humans citizens of the world.

I might not be able to change the world, but at least I donít have to be complicit in institutionalized animal cruelty. Non-human animals might hold little value to most people, but the laissez-faire acceptance of brutality and suffering will eventually come back on Homo sapiens and help facilitate the demise of the species.

In the immortal words of Woodstock headliners, Ten Years After:

Iíd love to change the world
But I donít know what to do
So Iíll leave it up to you...

animal activist veganism
Image from One Voice for Animals

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