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July 2016

[NOTE from The reason the BLM removes, torments, slaughters, sterilizes wild horses is to placate cattle and sheep ranchers who want to use our public lands as feed lots. Again... being vegan is NOT about your personal food choices - wild horses are victims as much as the cows, sheep and chickens people eat.]

The BLM, this horde of liars and killers of wild horses and burros are so confident that they can do and say whatever they want...

wild horses

For more than a decade I have been listening to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lies concerning America’s wild horses and burros. For more than a decade I have watched the BLM destroy herds of wild horses and murder burros. For more than a decade I have watched politicians, bureaucrats and Judges aid and abet the BLM and their allies at every turn. You have too.

This horde of liars and killers of wild horses and burros are so confident that they can do and say whatever they want they make statements like the ones contained in yet another loathsome one-sided article peddled by the Associated Press.

Anyone who has followed the hard fought battle by wild horse and burro advocates for the safety and preservation of our American herds will instantly recognize the lies told in the article, “BLM to sterilize wild horses for first time to slow growth.”

So I won’t sport with your intelligence by pointing out every one. You can see them for yourselves.

The article opens with these two gems from BLM’s Deputy Director, Steven Ellis:

A federal agency is on a path to sterilize wild horses on U.S. rangeland to slow the growth of herds — a new approach condemned by mustang advocates across the West.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management also continues to resist calls from ranchers and western Republicans to euthanize or sell for slaughter the animals overflowing holding pens so as to clear the way for more roundups.


You see Ellis uses the word sterilization not birth control measures to “stablize” herd numbers (an idea which the BLM have been able to sell to a number of wild horse advocates). Mark my words, the BLM are bent on total destruction.

Slaughter? Oh, how kind of you to say you don’t really want to send wild horses to slaughter.

Liars. Killers.

You send wild horses to slaughter. You have been all along. It has been documented but of course goes unpunished.

A Government Accountability Office report said that the Bureau of Land Management mismanaged bonds for solar and wind plants. Steven Ellis, deputy BLM director operations, testifies that all bonds were accounted for, and to the best of his knowledge, the bonds were not shredded. SHFWire photo by Jonathan Capriel.

Bureau of Land Management Deputy Director Steve Ellis delivered those messages at an emotional congressional hearing this week. He offered a glimpse of the challenges facing the agency that has been struggling for decades with what it describes as a $1 billion problem.

I have some emotions for you but they are not shall I say — sympathetic.

By the way, did you read the caption to Ellis’ photo?


The arrogance is unbelievable. $1 billion problem? Yes, you most certainly do have a $1 billion problem. Hello. You created it!

Yet you carry on the way you always have, manipulating numbers, clearing the ranges with uncalled for removals so your “friends” can use it, making up water shortages to remove wild horses (although the cattle don’t seem to need removal), fencing them out and so on.


It is a $1 billion problem you created. Not the horses. Not the burros. YOU. You have created it by lying, manipulating and mismanaging the wild horse and burro program. You are a $1 billion failure.

How about this?

Rep. Tom McClintock, chairman of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on public lands, took aim at those who object to euthanizing mustangs “and yet seem perfectly willing to watch them succumb to excruciating death by starvation, dehydration and disease.”

Liars. There is no need to sterilize wild horses. America’s wild horses are at near unsustainable numbers already. The sterilization plan they announced is calculated to finish the job.

If this goes forward it will most likely mean the end of wild horses on public lands which is the goal of their $1 billion project. As mentioned above the BLM has fenced wild horses out so they have no grazing or water. Liars!

And this concerning the stockpiling of horses costing the taxpayer millions from totally unnecessary roundups.

Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming, emphasized the 1971 law protecting mustangs allows for their destruction if they go unadopted.

” . . allows for their destruction”. Destruction? What a polite word.


Ellis said the estimated 67,000 wild horses and burros on federal land in 10 states is 2.5 times more than the range can support. However, there’s no more room in government corals and leased pastures, where 47,000 horses cost taxpayers about $50,000 per head over the course of their lifetime.


67,000 appears to be the latest new number. It fluctuates depending on what lies the BLM are trying to sell. Wild horse overpopulation is a myth created by the BLM.

Interesting isn’t it that the BLM have plenty of money for destroying herds. Yet they continually complain they don’t have the money to feed the horses they should have left on the range to start with.

Ginger Kathrens, when she was allowed to speak, stated:

” . . . most Americans want to see mustangs “roam freely on their native home ranges as intended.”

“Castration, sterilization and long-term confinement of horses in holding facilities … is unnecessary, cruel, unhealthy and fiscally irresponsible,” she said.

Following Kathrens some remarks were made that the word stupid doesn’t begin to cover. If you voted for Westerman hide in shame. Go Edita.

Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Arkansas, noted, however, that “thousands of domesticated animals are spayed and neutered every day.”

“I’ve got a new puppy and he’s got his day coming soon,” he said.

That prompted an outburst from Edita Birnkrant, campaigns director for Friends of Animals.

“They are wild animals. They are not cats and dogs,” she shouted as McClintock banged the gavel and called for Capitol Police. “The solution is getting welfare ranchers off of our public lands, which have been turned into feedlots.”

Called for Capitol Police? Really?

We know who should go to jail.

Killers. Liars.

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