LCA's PSA Casa de Carne Wins First Place at Animal Film Festival
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FROM LCA Last Chance for Animals
February 2019

First place award for "successfully, creatively, and convincingly highlighting the issues of animal suffering and for providing messages that influence people to pursue a more plant-based lifestyle."

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Watch Casa de Carne on YouTube (2 minutes)

LCA's thought-provoking PSA Casa de Carne premiered at the 2019 AFF, which was hosted in partnership with the Tarshis Foundation, and won the first place award from the Tarshis Short Film Awards for "successfully, creatively, and convincingly highlight[ing] the issues of animal suffering" and for "providing messages that influence people to pursue a more plant-based lifestyle."

Written and directed by LCA's video director Dustin Brown, Casa de Carne follows three friends in a not-so-distant, dark future who must slaughter the animals they order for dinner at a high-end restaurant.

In 2018, LCA's PSA Food for Thought, which examines the line drawn between animals viewed as pets and animals viewed as food, won the Tarshis Short Film Awards' second place prize.

"Now more than ever, we need stories that expand our circle of empathy and allow us to see the world through a more compassionate lens," said Dustin Brown. "It's easy to use our differences as starting points for conflict: different race, different religion, different country...different species. And yet, we're all sharing this planet. Our similarities far outweigh our differences. That's what this film is about."

"This festival is a great platform to raise awareness about how animals are exploited for profit. We're grateful to the festival and the Tarshis Foundation for their commitment to these issues," said Chris DeRose, president and founder of LCA.

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