Cow Science: Cattle Are Intelligent, Emotional, and They Have Eureka Moments - So Should We Be Killing Them?
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November 2017

Cows are able to make sophisticated discriminations, cows possess extreme emotional capacity, cows exhibit a strong sense of self.

Newsweek magazine has been reflecting the American psyche for 84 years since 1933, the worst year of the Depression in which unemployment reached 25% and the cost of a gallon of gas was ten cents. The November 1, 2017 issue of Newsweek shoved the results of a scientific study so far up the collective butts of dairy farmers that it sent shivers all the way up their spines.

Milk and meat producers hope that you missed this headline:

Read entire article on Newsweek here: "Cow Science: Cattle Are Intelligent, Emotional, and They Have Eureka Moments - So Should We Be Killing Them?"

"We have identified a number of findings from the scientific literature on cow learning, memory, emotions, personality, and social complexity (collectively cow psychology) showing that cows are far more sophisticated and sensitive
than the simple grazers they are perceived to be by many members of our own species."

"These ideologies held by humans, which are incongruent with extant scientific understanding, have been largely maintained by powerful economic and political forces. Moreover, the body of scientific knowledge has been
similarly shaped and limited by this ideology."

According to Newsweek, the scientific literature offers reason thou shalt not to kill cows including:

"Cows are able to make sophisticated discriminations; Cows possess extreme emotional capacity; Cows exhibit a strong sense of self; Cows have distinct
personalities; Cows have several dimensions of  social complexity including social learning."

Newsweek hopes that mankind can: "Come to know who they are as complex individuals instead of commodities."

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