Dairy Sales Drop So Industry Dumps 43 Million Gallons of Milk
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October 2016

Dean Foods, the leading US dairy producer, recently attributed decreasing demand for its dairy products in part to greater competition from plant-based milk substitutes...

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Dairy demand is dropping – and fast. Milk consumption keeps declining with each generation as more and more consumers moo-ve on to plant-based milks of the future, which are free of cholesterol and cruelty.

So what’s next for the dairy industry? Well, it’s already been begging for government bailouts, desperately attempting to squash almond milk sales, and it even got involved in a deadly money-milking scheme: illegally inflating dairy prices nationwide by killing 500,000 young cows.

But with so many consumers ditching dairy, the industry is left crying over spilled milk. Literally. Except they’re spilling the milk on purpose — in fact, they’ve wastefully dumped 43 million gallons of it, as Time reports!

While the industry cried over milk it spilled, how many cows suffered?

From calves taken from their mothers (who sometimes bellow for their babies for days), to “spent” cows shipped to slaughter when they can no longer churn a profit, cows suffer horrendous cruelty in the cold world of the dairy industry. How many suffered simply to have all this milk dumped down the drain?

In just the past two years, dairy revenue has plummeted by 35%, due to overproduction of milk combined with rapidly declining demand.

Time writes: “Whole milk is viewed warily by people trying to monitor their saturated fat intake, and some producers report that even skim milk sales are falling. In the meantime, dairy-free alternatives like almond milk and coconut milk have been gaining ground.”

Dean Foods, the leading US dairy producer, recently attributed decreasing demand for its dairy products in part to “greater competition from plant-based milk substitutes,” as VegNews shares.

The massive demand for plant-based milk and more has not gone unnoticed by major chains that dish out dairy. From Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, to Ben & Jerry’s and TCBY, dairy-free menu options are being added to please the crowd.

With so many options available in stores and eateries, ditching dairy is easier than ever before! We can help you get started at TryVeg.com.

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