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United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
November 2015

We’re excited to tell you that today we are running this full-page ad in The Diamondback student newspaper at the University of Maryland-College Park.

don't gobble me

And for the entire month of November we’re running fabulous King-size Bus ads in Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey and New York!

“I was just on my way home from food shopping (no poultry, of course!) and I saw your billboard on the back of a local bus. I was so excited! I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and my two children have been for their whole lives. Thank you for your work on behalf of the chickens and turkeys.”
– K. Moore, Chicago, Nov. 8, 2015

“I’m vegan and just saw your ‘Be kind to turkeys’ poster on the side of a King County Metro bus in Seattle. It totally made my night. I especially like the positive wording of your message. Thank you!”
– W. Giberson, Nov. 15, 2015

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