Fetal Bovine Serum - From a Cow's Point of View
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FROM Debbie Nelson
January 2019

As serum I am the valuable part to the biotech humans. The dead body which nurtured me is destroyed.

Cow and Calf
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Iím with calf again. I must have been pregnant a long time because I can feel my body getting ready to give birth. This calf is really showing life. I hope I get to stay with this baby. All the others were taken away from me a few hours after their birth. I was devastated. I donít know where they took my calf.

The farmer is walking through the rows of us lined up in this big concrete building. His assistant is with him too. Itís pointing at individual cows. Oh no heís pointing at me now. Heís waving his hand toward the door. This canít be good. Whenever heís around it signals trouble for some unlucky cows in my herd. Itís my turn now! Iíve noticed after his appearance some of us leave this un-natural home of concrete and metal. I wish I could live out on a big beautiful grass pasture with my herd and calf.

What have I done wrong to be expelled so callously? I gave all the milk I had to the humans. Iím only 5 years old. Iím so tired and lame! My housing is concrete and manure. I canít give them as much milk as I used to.

The humans are forcing me on a trailer with some of my miserable herd friends. Iím in such bad shape itís hard to stand up in this moving vehicle. We have arrived at a big windowless, bleak and frightening building. I canít see inside.

The humans are forcing me and my friends inside this building. I smell blood and death all around me. I hear lots of desperate and panicky bellowing. I see other cows being murdered. But Iím pregnant you canít kill me. It doesnít matter to them.

I feel something against my head. Are they going to shoot me? Bam Iím gone. I wish I didnít wake up out of the sleep of death again. Iím hanging in the air by one of my back legs. My throat has been cut and Iím bleeding. I can feel my baby inside. Sheís fully alive and kicking. I can feel them cutting my baby out of me. Itís fighting for life. Please die quickly. Iím dead.

I have to get out of my motherís body. Iím ready to live outside of her. This doesnít feel like the right way to be born. The humans are slicing open my motherís body. Iím not sure if sheís dead or alive. Theyíre pulling me out. Iím still wrapped in my protective covering my mother gave me. Iím alive! Why are they taking me away from her? I have no understanding of anything which is happening to me. All I know is I have breath and feeling.

The humans are taking me to a scary room. They strip me of my shielding wrapper. The long cord attached to me is being tied. Iím being cleaned. Some strange fluid is being rubbed all over me. It has a unfamiliar smell. A large needle is being stuck into my body. The pain is unbearable! The needle goes in-between my ribs into my beating heart. I hear a troubling noise. Itís like the sound I heard from outside my mother in the months before my birth. The pain is excruciating ! My blood is being drained out of my pounding heart. Just like my mother Iím dying. Iím dead.

Iím not dead. Iím the extracted blood. Very much alive Iím allowed to clot. I become two entities. Besides the clotting substance there is serum. I am refrigerated and by centrifugation we are separated. As serum I am the valuable part to the biotech humans. The dead body which nurtured me is destroyed.

Iím so alive I can culture cells. I can easily help cells grow because my host was in the growing phase. I also am so treasured because I am a friendly growing medium for many different kinds of cells. Iím not very picky. Iíve heard new synthetic kids on the block can replace me. Go ahead and try Iím cheaper. Humans are a greedy lot. Eventually I die too.

Death death and more death!


And so ends this story of more dairy industry woe. Go vegan please. Be a producer and/or consumer who stops this extreme cruelty.

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