This Former Dairy Farm Has Gone All In on Plant-Based Milks!
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March 2017

Milked Walnuts, Milked Cashews, Milked Almonds, Milked Hazelnuts...


In a growing sign of the times Elmhurst Dairy, a 90-year-old former dairy farm, has stopped production of cow’s milk and has gone cruelty-free. Just this month, at the Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim, CA, the company debuted as a nut-based milk brand called Milked.

Yup, a former dairy has gone vegan! They’ve left the cruelty behind and have embraced the plant-based future.

According to Milked, their brand packs in four times more nuts per serving and uses no “emulsifiers, thickeners, whiteners or frankenfood proteins.” Perhaps most excitingly, it will be available in four different varieties: almond, walnut, cashew and hazelnut.

The company’s CEO, Henry Schwartz, admits that falling profits played a role in the decision as emerging trends prove that the future really is vegan. Since 1970, cow's milk consumption has fallen a whopping 40 percent in the U.S., while sales of dairy-free milk alternatives have soared by 30 percent since 2011.

Some people switch to plant-based milk purely out of outrage over the treatment of dairy cows and their calves. Mothers are impregnated year after year and each time have their babies stolen from them. After five years in this cruel cycle, their bodies are spent, they’ve become unproductive, and they’re ultimately slaughtered.

This is great news for cows and consumers alike!

Now that we have these delicious, healthier alternatives, we think it’s time for the dairy industry to move past cows and go all in on plant-based milks.

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