To Dream, the Impossible Food
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Robert Cohen,
March 2017

"To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with impossible sorrow
And to run where the brave dare not go
- The Impossible Dream, Man of La Mancha, 1965

It took Bill Gates 42 years to become the wealthiest man in the world with an estimated net worth of about $90 billion. He's got what many describe as the "soft touch"; the MicroSoft touch. His next $90 billion should be amassed in far less time.

But how will he accomplish this? By serving mankind, of course, and what will he be serving? Vegan cows, or to be more specific, the most impossible-to-be believed vegan hamburgers ever crafted. Bill Gates is on the brink of striking it insanely rich with his "Impossible Foods."

He's about to become the authentic burger king by out-Krocing Ray Kroc who earned his own first billion by building a fast food franchise based upon a cow burger, and that's no crock.

Under construction in Oakland, California is a 67,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is expected to produce one million pounds of vegan hamburger meat each month. If anybody is counting, that's 48 million quarter-pounders annually and in doing so, Gates will make America great again by providing 80 full-time jobs for Impossible Foods employees living in the Oakland area. Today Oakland, tomorrow the world.

This weekend, three San Francisco restaurants will be serving up the new vegan burger which is said to look and taste like ground beef from cows while being made entirely from plants. Have a burger or two at:

Public House at AT&T Park, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, or Kroner Burger, 4063 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, or Vina Enotica, 700 Welch Road, Palo Alto.

Note: In case the company gets into financial difficulty and Bill Gates is unable to bail them out, Notmilk has learned that Google has also taken a major financial position in Impossible Foods.

Today (March 24, 2017), Indian scientists coincidentally (timing is everything) published a review of alternative meats in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science Nutrition concluding:

"There is a scarcity of protein of high biological value due to rapid increase in the world population and limited natural resources... Simulated meat-like products with similar texture, flavor, color, and nutritive value can be substituted directly for meat to all sections of the society."

Vegan burgers? It seems that some very smart people are putting their money where your mouths are and will soon be growing wealthier. Imagine the new line of vegan products which will soon satisfy your cravings?

"To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march,
March into hell
For that heavenly cause"
- The Impossible Dream, Man of La Mancha, 1965

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