Jobs, Economics, And A Vegan Nation
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FROM Owen Roger,
April 2019

Understanding exactly how much of the economy is related to animal exploitation is essential so that we can plan for the economic effects greater shifts towards veganism.

How much is the U.S. economy dependent on the suffering of animals? Any serious proposal to shift to a plant-based society must account for the economic effects of such a transition, and this report by the Humane Party sets out to detail exactly how big that economic impact might be. By understanding exactly how much of the economy is related to animal exploitation, we can plan for the economic effects of a change to veganism. To do so, exploitative jobs are split into three categories: those which directly exploit animals, those that exist because of the exploitation of animals, and those which support the exploitation of animals.

Any society-wide transition will not be painless, but thatís a part of progress. Horseback couriers were replaced by telegraphs, which were replaced by landline telephones, which are being replaced by the internet and cellphones. At every step in this chain, some people lost their jobs. However, other jobs were created, and society saw an overall benefit from faster and easier communication. There is no reason to believe that this would not be the case with the shift to a plant-based society.


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