Lilydale: It's Not Just Turkey, It's Torture
A Meat and Dairy Industries Article from


Mercy for Animals (MFA)
October 2016

Watch Mercy for Animals Undercover video here.

Please see Hidden Lives of Turkeys

turkey transport
Arriving at Lilydale...

New undercover footage obtained by Mercy For Animals provides a shocking look behind the scenes at a Lilydale slaughterhouse in Canada. The disturbing hidden-camera footage shows turkeys painfully shackled upside down, shocked with electricity, cut open, and even scalded in vats of hot water - all while still alive and able to feel pain.

Some of what the investigation showed:

  • Workers rip turkeys out of transport crates and violently shackle them upside down on the slaughter line.
    torturing turkeys

  • Severely sick and injured turkeys are slaughtered along with other birds intended for human consumption.
    torturing turkeys

  • Frightened birds are dragged through electrified water, painfully shocked but still conscious and able to feel pain.
    torturing turkeys

  • Birds have their throats cut open and their heads ripped off and are even scalded alive in hot water tanks.
    torturing turkeys

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