What Makes Consumers Choose Milk vs. Milk Alternatives
A Meat and Dairy Industries Article from All-Creatures.org


August 2017

For decades, milk consumption in the United States has been declining, whereas consumption of nondairy (or plant-based) alternatives has been increasing. However, more could be done to widen the consumption gap even further. Lower milk consumption would mean fewer animal cruelty incidents in the dairy industry; higher nondairy beverage consumption would ensure that people’s nutritional and emotional needs continue being met.

This study is useful for animal advocates because it suggests how nondairy beverages may be produced and marketed going forward to attract new drinkers. It also hints that more milk consumers could switch to nondairy alternatives as long as desirable attributes were delivered. Finally, given the significant value of family, it appears that nondairy beverage consumption could increase exponentially as more shoppers turn to nondairy alternatives; for each new nondairy beverage consumer, several new others — her parents and siblings for example — could follow.

Read the entire study here - What Makes Consumers Choose Milk vs. Milk Alternatives

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