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IDA In Defense of Animals
November 2017

Just a few weeks ago in September, Tyson Foods announced its plans to build a 320-million-dollar mega chicken hatchery, factory farm, and slaughterhouse in the small town of Tonganoxie, Kansas. But when activists and over 5,000 Leavenworth County residents worked together to block it, Tyson Foods was sent walking.

Weeks of protests, phone calls and letters to city officials highlighting Tyson Foods' appalling track record of animal abuse, environmental pollution, and human labor violations resulted in the Tonganoxie City Council unanimously passing a resolution to oppose the company’s proposal.

Local resident, Tana Walker, phrases it eloquently:

“Before Tyson came to town, I honestly had no idea who my county commissioner was or the name of a single city councilman. Now I have some of their names in my phone… There is an election in 6 weeks. Before Tyson, I probably wouldn’t have voted in it. Now I am going to be the first person in line… My vote is my voice and I won't be silenced.”

Thanks go to all of you who responded to our action alert, attended protests, wrote letters and made calls to help stop this. Tyson Foods is backing off this time because of the power of the people!

Let us remain vigilant as the company searches for a new location.

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