Three Powerful Reasons Why We Should All Stop Eating Pigs Right Now
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Sarah Von Alt,
March 2018

Three reasons why we should leave pigs off our plates.

pet piglet
Many people keep pigs as beloved pets. Photo Credit: galitsin/Shutterstock

Many people consider their cat and dog companions beloved members of the family. Yet they eat equally lovable animals like pigs.

Here are three reasons why we should leave pigs off our plates.

1. Pigs are intelligent.

Pigs are actually considered the fifth most intelligent animal in the world, even more intelligent than dogs. They are capable of playing video games with more focus and success than chimps.

They also have excellent object-location memory. If they find grub in one spot, they’ll remember to look there next time.

Pigs possess a sophisticated sense of direction. They can find their way home from huge distances.

Just last year, a five-month-old pig named Amy was dubbed “top dog” in her canine agility class. Read the story.

2. Pigs feel pain and they suffer.

Pigs are sentient beings who experience joy, loneliness, frustration, fear, and pain, just like the animals with whom many of us share our lives.

Despite this, most pigs are kept in factory farms. Pregnant sows are confined in barren metal cages so small they’re unable to turn around, piglets are castrated without painkillers, and sick piglets are slammed headfirst into concrete floors.

3. Pigs are deserving of consideration.

There’s an obvious contradiction in loving some animals while eating others. But people often find ways to justify their dietary habits. Many people cling to the idea that eating meat is necessary for health.

The science is clear, however. We’re more than capable of living happy, healthy lives without eating meat or any other animal products.

When it comes to animals, the only meaningful difference between those we consider companions and those we eat is our treatment of them. We can live our values of kindness and compassion by leaving these intelligent, sensitive creatures off our plates.

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