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COK Compassion Over Killing
December 2017

Here are just a few quick highlights from COK's work in 2017:

  • When the New York Times ran a powerful, exclusive story about our investigation, more than 12 million people got a glimpse, for the first time ever, inside a US lamb slaughterhouse.
  • An incredible 75% of VegPledgers who joined COK's VegWeek campaign report now being vegetarian or vegan.
  • Our first-of-its-kind investigation of broiler breeder factory farms supplying Tyson Foods in 2016 prompted unprecedented cruelty charges and convictions this year.
  • COK's newest investigation exposing cruelty at a factory farm contractor for Tyson, was featured in a hard-hitting Washington Post exclusive, prompted the poultry giant to cut ties with its supplier, Atlantic Farm.
  • After thousands signed our petition asking Tyson to, among other things, move toward plant-based proteins, Tyson did just that: increasing its investment in plant-based company Beyond Meat.
  • Our DC VegFest, the East Coast's largest vegan festival, shined with more than 20,000 smiles!

A new year is just around the corner and we're forging ahead, building upon the momentum of all we've been able to achieve with you in 2017.

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