BLM Illegally Sells Protected Wild Horses to Raise Cattle for Whole Foods Beef
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Jim Robertson, Exposing the Big Game
November 2015

Whole Foods beef
Image from American Wild Horse Preservation

Ranchers (Country Natural Beef) who sell beef to Whole Foods Market are behind the largest mustang roundup of 2015-2016 now underway in southern Oregon.

Whole Foods has reacted to this news, by telling us to talk to the ranchers. (Read more about American Wild Horse Preservation's correspondence with Whole Foods and its supplier Country Natural Beef here.)

Right now, wild horses are being brutally rounded up, removed from their families and their homes on the range, all so that ranchers can profit by selling beef to Whole Foods. Whole Foods then markets this beef as “grass-fed” to its customers and sells it at a premium.

Don’t let Whole Foods pass the buck. The natural foods giant must incorporate mustang safe standards into its animal welfare policies.

This is NOT something recommends because there is no such thing as "safe meat standards" but if you want to sign the petition from American Wild Horse Preservation, that's up to you: Tell Whole Foods: Adopt Mustang-Safe Meat Standards.

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