Wildfires: Climate Change Catastrophe!
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Ellen Dent, JaneUnchained.com
November 2018

"If you aren’t vegan you are continuing to be part of the problem."

Politicians and fire marshals are pointing the finger at climate change as the reason for this “fire storm” we are seeing in California.

We are razing our forests — 138 acres every minute, 24-7, 365 — to raise food for animals who will be food for humans or to graze animals who will be food for humans.

Woolsey Fire
Image from Brandon Buckley - Flickr.com

Coast to Coast Catastrophe!

What’s really accelerating climate change? Join Jane Velez-Mitchell for this Special Hour Report. Our guests, Simone Reyes, Lisa Karlan, and Renée Marinkovich have been on the ground across the country, as fires and hurricanes leave a train of devastation. Conservation biologist Dr. Reese Halter (DrReese.com) explains the massive role of animal agriculture in climate change.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

If you “aren’t vegan you are continuing to be part of the problem.” Let these words by Mick Divoudian resonate. Politicians and fire marshals are pointing the finger at climate change as the reason for this “fire storm” we are seeing in California. Several fires have broken out this past week in Ventura County, Malibu, and West Hills this past week. As they continue to burn there are more fires starting. Up north towards the Bay area, the region was hit extremely hard. The whole town of Paradise was burned to the ground and the death toll is rising.

Jane explains, “you can’t to wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.” So often people think that they have cornered the issues they fight for, but they fail to realize that their lifestyle choices contradict everything they stand for. For example, you can’t really be feminist or an environmentalist and eat animal products. Jane asks Dr. Reese Halter how people can still be so blind to the real issues after losing their homes to this fire. He responds that the issue is disconnect. He explains, animal agriculture creates more greenhouse emissions than the whole transportation industry. It also contributing to the dead zones where there is insufficient oxygen. Animal agriculture is also causing deforestation, which is like ripping apart the Earth’s lungs. At this rate we not be able to breath on this planet in the future due to human destruction.

Chico fire 2018
Chico, California - Image from Laura Moretti, AnimalsVoice.com

We won’t get away with this. It is time to connect to the real issues here that threaten our existence on this planet. Share this article and help others see the truth and make the connection. Let’s heal our planet so we don’t have a “fire map” showing how our planet is burning more than it ever has before! We have an amazing opportunity to evolve and save our beautiful planet for future generations before it is absolutely too late.

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