Veganism And The Meaning Of 'True'
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April 2018

This theoretical article argues it is unnecessary to fully understand all aspects of veganism to be vegan (or a vegan advocate), and that spending time debating minor points is wasteful.

Informal conversation is perhaps the most common – and potentially most effective – form of vegan advocacy. However, many vegans sometimes find themselves in a difficult position when they have a conversation about hypothetical ethical dilemmas. Addressing these dilemmas can become repetitive and tedious.

Tor Pothecary the author, a vegan, says that not having a single “true” definition of veganism in no way compromises it as an attractive, coherent, and practicable lifestyle. This paper asserts that veganism is just as morally defensible as anti-racism and anti-sexism, despite the lack of definitive answers on all aspects of it.

The author argues that the diversity of thought can even help legitimatize veganism by eliminating negative stereotypes of vegans as extreme or purely ideological (or ideologically pure).

The author is a 17 year old from Britain, who has recently made large lifestyle changes to a plant based diet and animal advocacy. He lives at a boarding school, where he enjoys lifting weights with friends and tries to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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