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Mourning the Death of a Loved One Is the Same for Both Humans and Other Animals

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Articles and Poetry

A Eulogy to a Parakeet: Mordecai’s “Soul’s Journey onto God”
A Pet Grief Observed
All Animals Go To Heaven!
Death Of Divinity
Every Dog Goes To Heaven
How Do Animals Perceive Death?
How Do Animals Perceive Death? Part II
How to Cope with Uncaring Friends after You Lose a Pet
In Memory of My First Born Sam
Memorial Service for the Animals - Sermon
My Bully
No one Understands What I am Going Through
Pets and People Buried Together
Rainbow Bridge
Saying Goodbye
Surviving the Pain of Pet Loss
The Land of Broken Cats
Waking Up Without Freida Heart Next to Me
Why We Mourn the Death of Animals


All Creatures Do go to Heaven [Online boook]
Animal Prayer Guide
Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates
Cold Noses II: Examining More Evidence
God Listens to Your Care
God Listens to Your Love
God Listens When You’re Sad
Goodbye, Friend - Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Lost a Pet
There is Eternal Life for Animals


Letter from Rubaba About the Death of Her Cats
Letter From Nathan Freed About Letting Molly Go
Letter from Sharon Ding About Needing Assurance that Marion will be in Heaven
Letter from William Reamy About His Feeling for Gus
Letter from Judy V. Smith About Mourning the Death of Lil Bit
Letter from Bob Crossen about Mourning the Loss of Beloved Glory
Letter from Michelle Ahmad about Mourning the Loss of Companion Animals
Letter From Alan N. Finkelstein Concerning Mourning for a Companion Animal
Letter from Michael Hoffman Concerning Our Web Site Ministry
Letter from Patsy Gates about Her Beloved Stormie
Letter from Linda Braucht


Animal Prayer Guide
A Prayer
A Prayer and Internment Service
Kaddish - An English Translation of the Ancient Jewish Mourner's Prayer


A Memorial to Stormie
A Story About Nathan and Travelin
Beautiful Stormie
Dear God, This is Sammy
In Memory of My First Born Sam
Letter from Linda Braucht - 2 May 2003 about Death and Mourning
My Goodbye Letter to Sam
Personal Tragedy, Losing Boris
Sammy's Story
The Story of Dudley
The Story of Muffin and Sugar Cookie
Weeping with Those Who Weep

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