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29 July 2010

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We are dedicated to providing information, inspiration, images, poetry and articles about cruelty-free living through a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for ALL of God's creatures.

Weekly eNewsletter - 29 July 2010

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Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery

Calendar of Events

27 Vegetarian/Vegan Pastors and Churches

Vegan and Animal Rights Radio Shows and Podcasts

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Good News for Animals

Spain's Catalonia Bans Bullfighting

Animals Receive Own Political Party in Switzerland

Birds Shielded From International Cage Trade

Big Win for Polar Bears

On the Heels of Defeat, a Great Victory

San Francisco Declares Every Monday "Vegetarian Day"

Circus Dropped Over Treatment of Animals

Animal Stories & Poetry

Chester's Journey From Farm to Laboratory to Sanctuary

Song of Orca

A ‘Chance’ in a Lifetime – A True Miracle

The Preacher Came To Town

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Animal Rights Articles and Items of Interest

Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover Operation Exposes Cetacean Mass Slaughter

Shedding Some Light on the Dark Secrets of Animal Hoarding

Rescuing Some Egg-Laying Hens

Enjoy Soy: Dr. Debunks Scaremonger Stories, Says Soy Beneficial For People And The Planet

UPC Did NOT Support the Ohio Fundraiser for Humane Farms

Clarification on IDA's Wild Horse Roundup Lawsuit

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Action Alerts

Save the White River National Forest from Mining

Tell L'Oréal Not to Air Cruel Monkey Commercial

Tell American Airlines to STOP Sponsoring Rodeos

Recover Mexican Gray Wolves Before It Is Too Late

Tell Your Senator to Support the Latest Version of the Crush Video Prohibition Bill, H.R. 5566

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Recipe - Let no animal die that we may live!

Peanut Butter Carob Raisin Pudding

Navy Bean Chili

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Daniel, God's Man in the Field (Part II)
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