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Welcome to the Newsletter for June 27, 2013

 Good News for Animals

SHARK Shuts Down Cruel "Barnyard Scramble"
Greyhound racing injury reporting bill is now law in Arizona
Court Upholds Ban on Importing Dead Polar Bears to U.S.
Happy 65th Birthday, Shirley

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SHARK Shuts Down Cruel "Barnyard Scramble"
Pig Wrestling - No Matter What It's Called - Is Cruel Bullying
Philippine Airlines Caught Lying About Its Record of Cruelty
Help Protect Snapping Turtles from Trapping, Spearing and Clubbing
Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves

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Learning Unconditional Love from Animals

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Live Like a Silly Goose; Die Like a Silly Goose
A Conservative Catholic Plea for the Elephants
Shayna Wise Responds
Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Apology in Animal Rights
Nevada County Fair Board Keeps Elephant Rides
Goats in Milk
Hunting, Wolves and Political Power
On Banning Bestiality

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