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Welcome to the Newsletter for August 29, 2013

 Good News for Animals

Animal Advocates Declare Victory in Federal Foie Gras False Advertising Suit
International Fund for Africa Works for New Animal Welfare Laws in Ethiopia
THANK YOU For No Elephant Rides at Bristol Renaissance Faire This Year!

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Called on to Stop Impending Pigeon Shoot
Tell BLM - DO NOT Slaughter Desert Tortoises
Demand an audit of the USDA Wildlife Services Lethal Predator Control Program
Tell Your Senator to SUPPORT Captive Primate Safety Act (S.1463)

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How Animals Fared in Syria Gas Attack
Don't Buy the Lies
Why �Experts� Get So Confused about Legal Rights for Nonhumans
Fair Oaks Farm's Pig Adventure Glorifies Factory Farming
Carriage Horse Collapses In Salt Lake City Street, Cannot Get Up
Animals In Print - August Newsletter
Prevent Pet Suffocation
New Bird Flu Virus: H7N7

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Apple Raisin Cake
Soup - Shitake Mushroom Vegetable with Chipotle Pepper
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