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Welcome to the Newsletter for September 5, 2013

 Good News for Animals

No Bull Run at Canterbury!
Two Victories for Southwestern Wolves
Dog Race Gambling Drops for Twenty Years in a Row

 Action Alets

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End Chickens as Kaporos
Get serious about the protection and conservation of elephants - before it's too late
Contact Danish Embassies: STOP the senseless and barbaric killing of precious marine wildlife
Tell USDA to Stop Public Contact with Captive Wildlife

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God Requires True Repentance
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 Stories and Poetry and Art

Please Don't Turn Away
New Tree Squirrel Images / Animals in the Wild
Role Reversal Sketch

 Articles and Items of Interest

If You Give a Cluck, Go Vegan!
Why We Love Dogs, at Pigs, and Wear Cows: Understanding Carnism and Cultural Conditioning
The Birds of the Down Industry
The Emotional and Moral Lives of Animals
Can we please stop “listening to our bodies?”
GMO Foods: A Potentially Disastrous Distraction
Carriage Horse Owner Admits Lying to Public
Dairy company agrees to stop selling "overdrugged cows" to slaughterhouses
Remembering the Passenger Pigeon

 Recipes - Let No Animal Die That We May Live!

Smoothie with Banana Cantaloupe and Kale
Kale, Corn and Tomato Stew - Kenyan Style
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