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Welcome to the Newsletter for October 31, 2013

 Good News for Animals

Thank Mayor of Concepcion, Junin, Peru for Demolishing the City's Bullfighting Ring
Third Wing Pointe Pigeon Shoot Cancelled!
Liberators or Terrorists?
Los Angeles City Council Bans Bullhooks
One of the World's Rarest Frogs Finally Found
Red, his family of seven and the 15 other mustangs saved from Carson City prison

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Thank Mayor of Concepcion, Junin, Peru for Demolishing the City's Bullfighting Ring
Farm Bill front burner issue again for animal advocates
Ask Congress to End the Use of Live Animals in Combat Trauma Training
Tell Staten Island hospital to instruct USDA to postpone any planned turkey killing
Elizabeth Arden: Come Clean about Animal Tests
Tell Company to Ditch Live-Animal Exhibit 

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The Dogs Who Wouldn�t Be Separated
Coming Home
Beautiful Daisy
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The Bizarre and Cruel Truth about Breeding Turkeys
Shock the Monkey! Feds Spend Up to $14.5 Billion Annually on Animal Testing
Trip to Tanzania was other worldly
Our Times Square Billboards: Fur is for Neanderthals
To Greyhound Breeders Dogs are Merely "Overstock"
Prayers for Worms and for the Elevation of Human Consciousness
Illinois Niabi Zoo Elephants Banished to Little Rock, Arkansas

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