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Welcome to the Newsletter for November 21, 2013

Good News for Animals

Latest News from Michael Mountain/Earth in Transition
Bill and Lou, One Year Later
COK Undercover Calf Video Prompts Cruelty Charges
Colorado Mink Farm Raided...Then Closes
The end of illegal private keeping of brown bears in Poland
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In Defense Of Animals Offers $1,500 Reward In Grizzly Bear Killing
OPPOSE The Grazing Improvement Act - Protect Wild Horses, Not Livestock Profiteers
Tell Senator Boxer to save wild horses from slaughter

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The Heifer Project - What's Wrong With Gifting Animals - Resources
Thanksgivukah: Giving Thanks for Miracles
Lupophobia: Wolf Fear and Hatred
Hunter kills companion dog: �I thought it was a wolf�
CASH (Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting) Courier Fall-Winter 2013 Issue
Science-Faith and The "God Delusion"
New Genocide Policy for Bears in Korea
Miami Seaquarium in Hot Water for Endangering Orca Trainers

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