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Welcome to the Newsletter for November 28, 2013

Good News for Animals

November News from the Nonhuman Rights Project
Toka, Thika and Iringa In Their New Home
Costa Rica Shuts Down Its Zoos
Harp Seals Win at WTO
Circus tigers are finally living in a natural habitat
After Tampering Claim, Company Stops Selling Mink Oil

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Fur Free Friday 2013
Billy chimpanzee featured on TV's Chelsea Lately
Born Free USA Endorses Humane Care for Primates Act
Volunteers Needed to Protect Bison

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The Heifer Project - What's Wrong With Gifting Animals - Resources
Turkey Breeding Factory Exposed
Fur Free Friday 2013
Christians Against Animal Abuse Autumn 2013 Newsletter
What would Frederick Douglass and John Africa think of Michael Vick?
Hunter kills companion dog: �I thought it was a wolf�
Mourning and Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day
Somebodies, Not Somethings at Thanksgiving and Christmas

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