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Welcome to the Newsletter for December 19, 2013

Good News for Animals

Fowl Gestures: Cutting Edge Adventures in Animal Activism
Letter Annihilates Time Magazine's �America�s Pest Problem�
Rescued Raymond
Chain Free Means Pain Free
A Victory for Snowy Owls
Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger BAN Angora Products
Ponies? Yes, Ponies

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Stop the December 28-29 Idaho Coyote and Wolf "Derby"
Support H.R. 3513: Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act
Tell Gap: Stop Sqeezing Profits From Live-Plucking Fur from Screaming Rabbits!
On the National Day of the Horse, Tell Congress: We Will Not Forget the Sheldon Horses
Oppose the Largest Deer Killing in New York State's History!

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How the Grinch Stole Hunting Season
Food For Thought 2013
At Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas, For a Chained Dog 

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The Heifer Project - What's Wrong With Gifting Animals - Resources
Chimpanzee Personhood: What the Media Said
Animal Rights Group Calls For 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Boycott
Personhood Beyond the Human Conference

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