Peace Articles

Peace Articles

Peace articles that discuss ways of living in peace with humans, animals, and the environment.

The Age of Peace

From Dov Kadima
November 2023

A darkness is spreading over the world, at this time, that will take all of humanityís light, our sanity, and our commitment to peace, to overcome.

Man has sown so much violence, prejudice, anger, hate, and greed, that it was inevitable he reap a harvest of war. These conflicts could trigger circumstances so horrific that I resist even putting them on the printed page. One neednít be a political analyst to know the potential disastrous effects if the situation continues to escalate beyond its present perimeters. We who believe in a peaceful solution to all things must demand that this darkness be stopped before it has gone too far to be turned back.

War is insanity in its most virulent form. It is the lowest manifestation of violence, ignorance, apathy, hatred, and greed. These are the enemy. These are the foes we face. We must fight them, but not on battlefields. Darkness has never been conquered on a battlefield.

Hatred has never been conquered on a battlefield. Nothing is ever conquered on a battlefield, except for the conscience and soul of humanity.

Darkness will yield only to light; apathy only to empathy; hatred only to compassion; prejudice and ignorance only to understanding; greed only to justice; violence only to reverence for life.

These are the weapons of peace. These are the weapons of reason.

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